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Moisture can become a problem in residential and commercial properties. When not regulated, it could foster the growth of mould and mildew. High moisture levels can trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems. Areas that are particularly humid could also speed up building deterioration.

Let AirMaster help you find the right ventilation system to regulate humidity and keep you comfortable.

What is the difference between HRV and PPV systems?

Ventilation systems fall into two categories: Balanced Pressure Ventilation (BPV) systems and positive pressure ventilation (PPV) systems. But even though the two types of ventilation prevent air from getting too moist, they are entirely different in the way they work.

BPV systems extract heat from the old stale air from the home and transfers it onto fresh air to then be entered into the house. Alternatively, PPV systems bring in filtered air from the roof space. The added pressure pushes out stale air through cracks around the windows, gaps around the doors.

We provide insights into the best way to keep the place dry and the air clean.

PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilation) systems take air from your roof cavity, when the cavity is warm from the sun and introduces it to your home, forcing the old stale out through window seals rangehoods and bathroom exaction(does not recover any existing heat from the home). With brands like DVS, HRV, Smart Vent, Moister Master There are differences between these products on the market such as functions and duct quality. These systems can make you home colder in the winter with long periods rain/no sun.

BPV (Balanced Pressure Ventilation) Take old stale air from the room where a heating device is situated in and recovers the heat on to a core and then vented outside, fresh from outside picks up the heat off the core and entered back in to the house(so air is tempered), this unit does not use the air from the roof cavity(no VOC’S). The recovery cores can be made from different material polycarbonate, aluminium, plastic.

How do ventilation systems affect the bathroom and the kitchen?

Some areas at home are more humid than others. For
example, living spaces with house plants have higher humidity levels because
plants release moisture into the air. But no room is more humid than the
kitchen and the bathroom.

The kitchen and the bathroom consume the highest amount of water every day, from boiling water in a kettle to taking a shower. A proper ventilation system regulates moisture levels and increases comfort in these rooms .

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AirMaster has a team of HVAC specialists who provide expert advice on air conditioning, electrical and ventilation solutions. Our team has been providing ventilation solutions since 1977. We provide the best quality service and customer care in Auckland and Whangarei.  We tailor a ventilation system that highlights energy efficiency and value for money all with excellent workmanship in all installations.

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