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HVAC AucklandAn HVAC system doesn’t just regulate indoor humidity and make a commercial property feel more comfortable. It contributes to people’s health. In a workplace, for example, a high-quality HVAC system filters indoor air and prevents allergies and respiratory problems. In order to maintain a healthy and productive workplace, it is important to invest in reliable heating and air conditioning. In addition to having a durable HVAC system in your commercial property, it is important to schedule regular maintenance of the system. This extends the life of the equipment and reduces the need for costly repairs.

At AirMaster, we provide a full range of commercial HVAC services from installation to regular servicing.

What makes a good commercial air conditioning unit?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to air conditioning units. It depends on the size of your building, the number of occupants and the overall budget. Our HVAC specialists survey your commercial property to determine the places where pipes and electrical work are running. We will work around that.

We provide a full range of products to match your property’s structure: quiet high wall air conditioners, minimalist cassette air conditioners and pre-programmed ducted AC units. Trust the expertise of our specialists in finding an AC system that is most suitable for the layout and requirements of your commercial building.

How does a ventilation system affect commercial properties?

Commercial Air Conditioning in Auckland

Our HVAC specialists want your building’s occupants to enjoy fresh and dry air. We install a wide range of ventilation systems that improve air quality.

We design and install ventilation systems in your commercial building:

  • To reduce and control condensation
  • To prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and foul odours
  • To lessen the impact of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • To keep the air fresh and minimise cases of allergic reactions and asthma attacks

Allow our team to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your property through the right ventilation system.

Why choose AirMaster for commercial HVAC services?

At AirMaster, we look for the most reliable HVAC solutions for commercial property owners in Auckland and Whangarei. We tailor an energy-efficient system that suits your needs, providing the best value for money.

Apart from air conditioning and ventilation system installation, we provide air conditioning maintenance. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth at least a pound of cure so our HVAC specialists provide regular maintenance that keeps your air conditioner or ventilation system running cleanly and safely.

Our maintenance services are helpful in securing your building warrant of fitness (BWOF). The BWOF is an annual certificate that confirms the safe, healthy and effective operations of your building’s existing systems.

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