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Ormiston Medical Centre

Project Value: $1 Million
Constructed By: Kalmar Construction

Ormiston Medical CentreAirmaster partnered with Kalmar Construction to build a new Medical Centre for Todd Property Heating and Air-Cooling Systems.

The building is heated and cooled by Central Heat Recovery Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems.

The building has been provided with two different systems:

HVRF (Hybrid VRF – Refrigerant to Water) Air Conditioning VRF (Refrigerant Based) Air Conditioning

The Air Source Heat Recovery System has the ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling in adjacent areas and provide high efficiency operation. All areas are ventilated using Heat Recovery Ventilation Units, which supply outdoor air and remove spill air. HRV Systems comprised of balancing dampers, sheet metal and flexible acoustic ducting, and in ceiling ventilation units (HRV). The theatre system comprises of an Air Handler and Exhaust Fan.

The AHU delivers a constant supply air volume complete with outdoor air intake, heating, cooling and humidity control sections. The AHU and the associated plant are located in the ground floor car park in the plant area.