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Mighty Ape

Project Value: $850 K
Constructed By: ASPEC Construction

Mighty ApeAirmaster partnered with ASPEC Construction to build a Warehouse and Distribution centre for Mighty Ape.

Office Air Conditioning is provided via six Mitsubishi VRF multi system incorporating ducted type units. Supply air is distributed into the office via Holyoake Swirl Diffusers and return air is taken back via ceiling mounted Egg Crate Grilles.

Systems are controlled by a local touch screen wall controller and master controller.

Fresh air supply is provided via two roof mounted Swegon Heat Recovery Systems.

Air is supplied into the return air side of the Air Conditioning Systems and in some cases directly into the spaces where required.

The Swegon systems temper the incoming air via an Energy Recovery Wheel. They are activated and deactivated via the BMS central control, and the volume flow is controlled via CO2 sensors in the return air ducts to maintain a CO2 level of 600ppm.

This system incorporates its own IQ Logic Controller.