Which Type of AC Unit is Best for Your Home?

High wall air conditioning unit

When it comes to air conditioning units, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all.’ Different homes and different occupants have different needs, so identifying the ideal AC unit for your space, within budget, often requires research and reliable advice. For example, you can cool the entire house and increase the value of your property by installing a central air conditioning system. Or perhaps you’re renting a small apartment and only need a unit to cool the bedroom.

Whatever living situation you have right now, here’s a basic guide in choosing the best air conditioner for your place:

High Wall Air Conditioners

Highwall air conditioners, often called split air units, are a common feature in many Australian households because they are inexpensive to install. They operate quietly and are decor-friendly.

A high wall air conditioner consists of two main parts: the indoor and outdoor components. The sleek-looking indoor unit contains an air filter, a long blower, and the cooling coil; the outdoor unit houses the compressor, condenser coil, and capillary tubing or expansion coil. Both units connect with a set of electrical wires and tubing.

High wall air conditioners are generally quieter than other units because the compressor, which makes most of the noise, sits outside the room. Installation in new homes is flexible as they can be easily placed on an internal or external wall. For internal applications, the condensate can be drained away via a pump installed through the unit frame or the ceiling.

Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Cassette air conditioners are ideal for residential properties that have large open areas or limited wall to wall carpet dubai space. Most of the system’s components are hidden in the ceiling so you’ll only see the thin grilles and four vents. This minimalist look makes cassette units suitable for any design plan in a modern home.

Due to their position on the ceiling, cassette units are good at evenly distributing cooled air throughout the room. The condenser, typically placed outside the building, makes it a better choice for a house. Cassette AC units are energy efficient because of their adjustable thermostats and variable speed fans.

Ducted Air Conditioning

If you want the ability to cool your entire house at the touch of a button, ducted AC units will consistently cool your whole home. The central unit is often out of sight in the roof, with refrigerated air pumped through a system of ducts to vents. Only a small fraction of the entire air conditioning system remains visible which means you’re free to style each room as you please without worrying about a wall-mounted unit.

Air conditioners have functions designed to fit your lifestyle. Most AC systems and units have timer settings that allow users to pre-programme cooling to come on at a pre-determined time. Sophisticated ducted systems also offer wi-fi connectivity, which means you can automate and operate your cooling system from your smartphone or other similar remote devices.

Install your Home’s AC with Air Master

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