Residential Heatpumps Services in Northland, NZ

Heat pump and ventilation system is one of the soundest investments for your home. It regulates indoor temperature to prevent whatever the weather outside. It also improves indoor air quality and gives you peace of mind that your family is breathing in clean air. Come to AirMaster for residential heat pump systems today.

What is the difference between heat pumps and air conditioning?

When it comes to heating and ventilation systems, the greatest debate is often between heat pumps and air conditioning — which one is the right system for a household?

Heat pumps and air conditioners can both extract heat and transfer it outside to increase indoor comfort. They are similar when it comes to cooling. Heating your home, on the other hand, is a completely different matter. A heat pump displays higher heating efficiency; it serves as a primary heat source and may have an auxiliary heater for back up.

We have the experience to help you decide which one is more appropriate for your home.

How do ventilation systems affect indoor air quality?

There are many reasons for high humidity levels in a particular part of a home. For one, water usage is constant in bathrooms and kitchens. Another example is having an indoor drying rack for washed clothes. These factors promote mould and mildew growth which triggers allergies and respiratory problems.

An efficient ventilation system reduces moisture levels to make your home more comfortable.

Our specialists help you determine which type of system is better for your home and your family.

Why come to AirMaster for heatpump services?

AirMaster are your trusted specialists since 1977. We are a 100% northland owned company that provides quality products, workmanship and customer care to residents of Whangarei.

We install heat pumps, air conditioning systems and home ventilation systems that improve indoor air quality and make your home more comfortable. We also provide heat pump and air conditioning servicing to address concerns with your existing heating and ventilation systems. All our services provide the best value for money.

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