Floor/Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners

heatpumps and airconditioningFloor/ceiling suspended dual air conditioners are space-saving HVAC units for both residential and commercial properties. The most common application of this unit is in multi-family households and retrofit add-ons to homes with non-ducted heating systems such as radiant panels, gas heaters and hot water heaters.

They are also suitable for small apartments where installing or extending ductwork is not feasible. When you purchase our floor/ceiling suspended dual units, our air conditioning specialists will advise on the best place to install them to provide your home or office with evenly distributed conditioned air.

Comfortable Airflow

The swinging motion of the wide-angle louvres of this air conditioner provide comfortable airflow that is evenly distributed throughout a room. Whether it is installed as a floor or ceiling unit, the vertical swing motion of the louvres ensures proper air circulation.

Quiet Operation

Floor/ceiling suspended dual air conditioners operate quietly. They achieve a quiet sound level of 28 decibels. If set to a low setting fan speed, the unit decreases sound by two to three decibels.

Two-way Installation

The slim and round design of these units make them ideal for rooms without false ceilings. They can be installed on the ceiling to free up wall and floor space. They can also be installed on the floor and operate efficiently without the loss of warm air.

Air-Purifying Filter

Dust that’s deposited by the air filters is not only unsanitary, but it also reduces the operating efficiency of the air conditioner. To eliminate dust, floor/ceiling suspended units have a built-in air-purifying filter. The filter removes bacteria, dust and other impurities from the air to ensure that the air conditioner emits clean, fresh conditioned air.

Self-Diagnosis Display

If ever the unit malfunctions, you’ll immediately know what the issue is. These air conditioners have a self-diagnosis feature with digital display that indicates a malfunction code. Showing this code to an air conditioning specialist will enable them to provide fast and easy maintenance or repair.

Want to know more features and benefits of floor/ceiling suspended dual type units? Give our air conditioning specialists a call on 0800 125 959. They have the experience and knowledge to answer technical questions for you to get the most out of your unit.