Compact Floor Standing Heat Pumps

compact floor console unitsCompact floor standing heaters are ideal for homeowners who want the convenience of positioning their unit closer to the floor. With a wide selection of sizes and capacities, they can be installed near the corner of your living room or in an unused fireplace. Our range of floor console units at AirMaster is engineered to deliver warm air in a smart yet efficient package. Here are some of the advantages of using a floor standing heater:

Very Compact and Quiet

The compact design of the heat pump compliments any home décor. They are a great alternative to bulky and noisy heaters as floor standing units are known to have a quiet mode that produces a sound of only 22 decibels (model dependant), which is softer than a whisper.

Dual Fans

Floor console units feature dual fan operation that provides the user with complete control over the warm temperature of their room. You can use both fans to heat your room quickly and efficiently. If you only want minimal heat, you can switch off the bottom fan and turn on the top fan only to get that perfect warm temperature.

Fresher Air Indoors

The advanced air filtration system contributes to fresher and cleaner air in your living environment. The deodorisation filter absorbs common household odours such as pungent scents from your kitchen or pets.

For more details about the features and benefits of floor standing units, call 0800 125 959. We can also assist you in choosing the right placement of your heat pump in your home or office.