Air Conditioning Units For Sale

When it comes to home or workplace comfort, reliable air conditioning units are prerequisites for a good system. Install an efficient system, and you can make sure your home or office is at the right temperature all year round.

At AirMaster, we offer a range of air conditioners for sale. We carry HVAC units from some of the most reliable brands, including Daikin, Hitachi, and Fujitsu. We’re also known for our excellent customer service.

What We Offer

  • Highwall type units

High wall type units are an economical option as they are decor-friendly and inexpensive to install. They can be mounted high up on a wall in any of your rooms and are connected to the outdoor compressor unit.

  • Cassettes

Cassettes offer aesthetics and function you won’t see in any other air conditioning units. Cassette units are installed in the ceiling; the only visible parts are the thin grilles and four swing louvres. These design features aren’t only pleasing to the eye but also provide evenly distributed cool or warm air.

  • Floor/Ceiling Suspended Dual Types Units

Floor/ceiling suspended air conditioners are engineered to absorb air vertically and direct warm or cool air horizontally for even air distribution. They also feature a sleek, space-saving design.

  • Concealed and Ducted Systems

If you want an air conditioning system that can deliver cool or warm air to several rooms in a home, choose concealed and ducted systems. These HVAC systems use air ducts to allow air to circulate in each room. Installation requires vent and ductwork, which depends on the size of your home and the number of rooms. 

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What We Can Offer More

Besides our quality air conditioning systems and units, we offer complete assistance — from assessment through installation to aftersales. Before giving you a quote, we’ll send an AC specialist to your home or office to assess the structure’s ventilation and insulation. Depending on the assessment, we’ll recommend the best system for your home. But of course, we will consider your budget and other requirements as well.

Once you give us the green light to install your new unit, count on us for a fast, safe and efficient job with minimal disruption. We want you to enjoy your new air conditioning unit as soon as possible.

We’re also one of the few air conditioning companies that offer a 5-year workmanship guarantee for most of our installation jobs. For Fujitsu and Hitachi units, we even provide a 6-year workmanship guarantee.

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