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Home Ventilation Systems

home ventilationAirmaster are the installers of Home Ventilation systems such as SmartVent, Energy Recovery and Heat Transfer.

Add a Ventilation System to your home with Airmaster and enjoy all the benefits of a fresher, drier home with better air quality that is healthier for your family and you. Not only are drier homes also healthier they also cost less to heat.

  • Provides fresh filtered air via multiple inputs into areas with greater needs for ventilation.
  • Draws cooler air from outside during warmer summer months
  • Continuous all year round ventilation
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Heat distribution benefits

Why Should I install a Ventilation System into my home???

Control condensation in your home

SmartVent Positive is a classic ventilation system, providing a healthy environment to live by ensuring your family are breathing better fresh air. It reduces the chance of being infected by viruses, mould problems, respiratory problems, smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation and reduces water damage to your home.

Positive Pressure Systems are suitable for most homes; particularly where timber and older aluminium joinery allows for air good circulation.

10 litres of harmful damp air a day

Over a year, a family can produce as much as 3500 litres of damp air inside their home through cooking, cleaning, showering and general living. If not actively removed that moisture can lead to condensation, mould and airborne nasties and family health problems.

Moisture in the air makes mould

If you’re seeing mould growing on things in your wardrobe, or on travel bags under your bed, you know the culprit – damp air. Moisture in the air settles in spots around your house and makes a nuisance of itself as mould.

Damp air develops asthma

People living in homes with moisture, condensation and mould are 30% more likely to develop respiratory illnesses or asthma. Reduce the possibility by reducing damp air.

Sleeping in

We spend up to 60% of our time inside our homes. But indoor air can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air. Imagine what sort of air you’re sleeping in?


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